Gardening for our Future


Gardening for the future – live healthy, live sustainable.


Gardening for many people is a way of life and brings an experience of joy and satisfaction. The fruits of our labour do not go unnoticed in our gardens. We get major benefits to our health and our surrounding community. I am very passionate about gardening and the role it can play in our lives.

When we grow edible plants, not only do we ensure better quality food for ourselves and our families, but we help the environment in more ways than one. When we grow plants we encourage nature and wildlife to function as it should in our communities. We create sustainable habitats for local birds, insects, and all passing wildlife. Of course plants help to reduce our footprint by consuming food waste, they also take up carbon dioxide and in turn release beneficial nitrogen into our atmosphere.

When families integrate gardening into their daily lives children start to value food and food waste. A connection to nature at a young age can bring profound benefits to us throughout our lives.


Gardening – Reducing Food Miles

When we grow, eat and share our produce we also have a radical effect on the concept of food miles. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, I will explain. Food miles is a concept of measuring impact on our society through how far food has traveled and been transported globally or nationally. Food miles are measured from where the food is grown to where it is consumed. Obviously when food is transported over distances it ends up using more energy to create and also end up not as fresh and not as healthy to eat. If you believe in global warming and climate change then the concept of food miles may be of great interest to you.

I do not wish to engage in the debates that rage over global warming and climate change. My philosophy and belief is clear and concise. I believe in growing locally, and eating healthy organic or chemical free foods that support our local communities. If we can do extra things like reduce our dependence on unsustainable energies sources and corporate practices then we all can benefit. Things like solar energy and solar hot water reduce our dependence on the ‘grid’ which I embrace whole heartedly.

Live local, grow local, eat local and support local! A healthy, sustainable chain is linked.


Sustainable Gardening – Our Future

As humans, we are what we eat, so lets make healthy choices for us and our children. Gardening for the future and embracing sustainable methods is both practical and sensible. Lets sure up our food supply and know that what we are putting into our bodies is healthy and beneficial, nutrient rich food that will help our hearts and minds. If we make conscious, wise choices around gardening, then we can all live a more productive, harmonious life together.

One new trend I really love around gardening is community gardens. Many people are helping to make changes in the gardening circles by working together with other like minded people in their local communities. Creating food on a local level makes so much sense!


Sustainable Community Gardening

Here is an interesting Website drawing community gardeners & gardens together. I think this is a wonderful initiative. Visit the:  Australian City Farms & Community Garden Network.


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