Kings Cottage

Kings Cottage is a beautiful garden located in Moss Vale, Southern Highlands NSW.


This garden is a sheer delight for any keen gardener. The amount of exotic, native and rare species plants used is quite remarkable. Native plants, water features, rockeries and pathways are intertwined cleverly into the mix.

Large old trees such as Quercus Robur (English Oak) and Fagus Sylvatica (Copper Beech) stand tall, providing wonderful canopy and shelter from the hot summer afternoon sun and wind.  The clever mix of wonderful foliage, textures, colours and flower displays work on a higher consciousness in harmony with the soul.


The advantage of planting in mature trees on old pasture lands really produces a well rounded garden soil adaptable to many different plant species. Key design principles are followed and broken in harmony with a garden room and conceal and reveal philosophy.

Ornamentation and traditional influence have shaped the garden on many levels. Many hundreds of statues, pots, urns, benches and timber structures have been married together in a haven of garden spaces and garden rooms. Water features interact with the landscape in a soft and soothing perspective.


This garden can be a joy to embark on a journey in.  Take a walk through an awe-filled, inspiration of passion and plants.  Animals and humans alike find this garden a pleasure to reside in.


Kings Cottage opens at certain times of the year.  Be sure that you don’t miss out on seeing the wonder of nature ‘Kings Cottage’.


This garden does take bookings for garden clubs and group visits.


Kings Cottage group bookings can be made via this link: CONTACT HERE.  We may be able to arrange something for you.


kings cottage garden in Moss Vale - Southern Highlands NSW 2577.

Kings Cottage Pathway