Sustainability is Important


Sustainability is important to all of us


Sustainability is a hot topic that has been talked about a great deal recently. Without even realising it many of us are facing choices around sustainability that can be quite daunting. Sustainability arises in our everyday lives; from foods we eat to clothes we wear, the car we drive or the house we live in. It’s best to be able to make informed choices and know what we are facing in the longer term as a result of these choices.

If we choose to live simply and sustainably, can we still have a luxurious, rich life, full of comfort and satisfaction? The answer is of course we can! Sensible choices create sensible, sustainable outcomes.

Affinity Gardens is trying to promote awareness around these issues, so consumers can make informed choices that suit their lifestyles and help them to remain cost effective and efficient. Sustainability does not mean that you need to sacrifice many of the things you enjoy in your life. Just weigh up your choices so you can get a better understanding of the resulting benefits or negative outcomes.


Sustainability using products and materials

When you buy your next product, look at the life cycle of that product and at its efficiency rating. There is not much financial sense in paying a small amount upfront for a product, to pay thousands of dollars more over the products life. We, as consumers should be aware of the impact the products we purchase have on our environment. We can look after our environment is more sustainable ways, though we can also save money at the same time. Sustainability pays off in more ways than one.

Our environment is precious and beautiful, we can make choices to keep it that way for generations to come.  Be aware of products you use and take a little time to understand how products are made or where they come from.  This can help us all to make more informed choices for sustainability.

We can all help to make a difference if we work together collectively!


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Sustainability – Links

We love sharing information around sustainable approaches to life and living. Education can make a big difference to how we choose to live. We hope you find the information we share both useful and informative.

Here are some great links we think you should check out:


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If you would like to provide feedback or ask questions about sustainability, please  CONTACT US.