Value of Native Plants


Value of Australian Native Plants


Affinity Gardens is very passionate about native plants and animals in our local environment. Australian Local Native Plants of all types have great value in our landscapes or home gardens. There are so many different native plants to choose from for every situation. A wide range of natives suit varied soil types, watering requirements, design functions and looks. We are often hearing more about the value of our natural environment, even certain bush foods are becoming more popular in our diets. We are Australian and we embrace and love what our natural habitat can bring on our own doorsteps.

Native plant species and cultivars have come a long way in recent years which has led to a great deal of reliability, adaptability and longevity, if the right plants are used. There are some great natives to be used for every situation from beautiful trees, hedging plants, shade plants, edible plants, colourful cottage plants, to ground covers and plants for pots. There is a native that will suit and thrive in every condition.


Native plants – important to us in everyday life?

Native plants help create a sustainable eco system that uses harmony and balance to build natural habitats and micro climates. Not only do natives help bring the birds, insects and animals into our gardens but they are also well suited to many of our existing soil types. Generally Australia has a very dry and low phosporus soil which many natives have learned to thrive in. Not having to apply lots of water or fertilizer to some native plants we choose is a huge benefit. These adaptability traits can help us financially but can also help soils to remain stable and fairly salinity free. When our birds and insects pollinate and reproduce they can help to enable healthy food production and even keep some pests and diseases in control.

Our eco systems are quite fragile and need to be in balance; our native plants help to keep the natural harmony in the bush. We have a lot of destruction of our wildlife and bush through development. This needs to be offset with well created and cared for park lands and national parks. Our own gardens can play a huge role in helping to keep this harmony. Imagine if we all had green spaces that could contribute positively to our environment?


Native Plants – Plant some in your garden

If you are building a landscape or modifying your garden areas why not try to fit a few well placed native plants into your garden? Attract our beautiful birds and bees and take pleasure in seeing them feed and fossick in your garden.

Some of my favourite native plants include: Acacias (Wattle) Banksias, Callistemons (bottlebrush), Dryandras, Eriostemons, Eucalyptus, Grevilleas, Hakeas, Melalucas, Myoporums, Pimeleas.


Garden Designer Phillip Johnson used over 50,000  Australian Native Plants when he won an award at the Chelsea Flower Show. ABC presenter Jane Edmanson talked to Phillip about Native Plants and his home garden.

Check out this  Video on Gardening Australia.  Jane is talking to an amazing man about Australian Natives.


Here is also an interesting  Gardening Australia Episode  where Angus Stewart covers some Australian native plants. He is at the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden in St Ives in Sydney, NSW Australia.

Australian Native Plants can be a wonderful addition to your garden when used correctly. Adaptability, beauty, hardy and diversity can all be achieved if you select the right Australian Native Plants for your Garden.

One of the main benefits I love when using Australian Natives is attracting birds.


native plants value of australian natives banksia spinulosa

Australian Native – Banksia Spinulosa


If you have any further questions about Australia Natives please leave a comment below or  CONTACT US.


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